Dialectics And The Art Of Leadership

The Dialectics 

Friedrich Hegel, German Philosopher who laid the foundations of Historical Materialism. He believed that truth can only be known through the process of "dialectic”. 

Hegel explained Dialectic as the process of development of thought where : 

1. Our first thought is regarded as truth and this becomes our Thesis
2. Then contradiction starts appearing in our Thesis. Counter ideas starts challenging our Thesis. This counter thoughts are our Anti- Thesis
3. This Anti- Thesis also seems equally true
4. Now we are faced with two mutually incompatible or contradictory ideas...The Thesis & the Anti-Thesis
5. But the truth must belong somewhere in the two ideas.
6. Hence out of thesis & antithesis comes out the “Synthesis”
7. This Synthesis is now our Thesis-the accepted truth for time being
8. Again out of this thesis, the anti thesis will come out and then the synthesis and so on and so forth
9. In this way the progress of ideas and thoughts of civilization moves on continuously

Dialectics & Leadership 

The Hegelian principles of dialectic can be a helpful tool in the art of leadership. Most of the time successful leaders may be following dialectic without even realizing it. That is the truth. 

What do you say ?