God Does Not Play Dice And Yet He Seems To Play

The Great Debate in Quantum Physics

During the first part of the 20th century there was a huge debate surrounding the field of Quantum Physics QP. The most influential group was led by Neils Bohr & his students. Their interpretation of QP was called the “ Copenhagen Interpretations” CI. 

Einstein & his group never accepted the Copenhagen Interpretations. He never agreed with the explanations provided by Bohr & Heisenberg. Einstein was so frustrated that he called their QP as “ epistemology-soaked orgy”. 

The Great Debate in Quantum Physics & The Leadership of The Mind

Leadership of the mind 

The battle for the leadership of the mind was going on. But there was one man who proved mathematically that Bohr”s model of QP was correct. He was Von Neumann, the greatest Mathematician alive at that time. His reputation was such that his mere name settled issues in Mathematics.  

Once in a conference Neils Bohr spoke about his QP model. After he left almost every scientist opposed his idea and said it was unacceptable. Seeing the chaos one of the organizers went & spoke on the dais. He said that Bohr’s theory on QP has been proved correct by Von Neumann. 

The seer Leadership & Their Domain 

The mere mention of Von Neumann’s name in favor of Bohr model silenced the whole scientists & they remarked “ If Neumann is attesting to it, then it must be right” 

Such is the respect of certain leadership in the eyes of the fraternity & organisation. They are known simply by their knowledge, skills, ideas, visions, futurism etc coupled with impartiality. This leadership gives new directions to the organisation & settles contentious issues forever. Their leadership & influence is across the sectors. 

Such leadership influence the the other emerging leadership. 

They are the seers of their domain.