Great Leadership Never Settle In Their Thought Process

The Deconstruction Concept of Derrida

The larger philosophical concepts have intellectual depth to accommodate smaller theories on leadership, change,success etc. The “Deconstruction Concept”(DC) of Jacques Derrida (1930-2004) has philosophical elements to help us understand leadership better

Lifelong Loyalty Any Ideas are Illogical 

The most vital meaning of DC is the proposition that we must not be too loyal to certain ideas, ideology, point of view POV etc so much so that it starts defining us. We must also realize that sometimes opposite ideas, ideology, POV etc may be true but our socially, culturally & politically indoctrinated mind refuses to see it. DC exhorts us to break the written texts, speech etc to understand the hidden meaning. Sometimes lofty words, theories etc hides the obnoxious truth below it. The Aim of DC is to search for truth & not to accept whatever has been propagated & fed to us over centuries even if they are very famous & popular concepts


Great Leadership Question Ideas 

Precisely these qualities are found in exceptional leadership. They succeed because they Question & Deconstruct ideas. They do not accept ideas & things as they are. They see what is not visible & hear what is not said explicitly. The first change is to change the way we understand leadership

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