How Greek Philosophy Influenced Leadership Qualities

Greek Philosophy Summarized

If we summarize the whole Greek Philosophy into simple dictum, we get the following messages. 

1. The unexamined life is not worth living
2. The search for wisdom leads to Truth is the key to human progress
3. Virtue is a type of a knowledge & it must be learnt & followed
4. Humanity must aspire for the “Good Life“ & not the “Mere Life”

How Greek Philosophy influenced Leadership 

When examined closely the Greek Philosophy and its dictum reveals all the desirable qualities of leadership. 

Every leadership must be an examiner of their own lives so that they lead a goal directed conscious life which is worthy of emulation & admiration

The leadership without wisdom is like the sky which never rains & the water that never quenches the thirst. In such leadership Truth is the first casualty. 

Leadership virtue is not genetic & theoretical but acquired through knowledge & actions. It is verifiable, measurable & transferable like any asset to the society. 

Leadership by their policies, visions, actions, legislation etc actually transforms the lives of millions of people from sub standard to higher standards of living. 

How Greek Philosophy is Essential to Leadership 

Leadership have the capacity to create heaven on earth for the people. They can make the lives of millions a good prosperous life

Successful leadership defines the sum total of the essence of Greek philosophy. 

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