Seek The Imperceptible In The Leadership Of Ideas

History is Not Only About History 

Generally we read History to understand the society, culture, polity, economy, governance etc of that era. Often we compare those aspects with our present times & deduce learning inferences.

But how many of us read History from a geographical & topographical perspective to understand climate change ?

The Imperceptible 

When Alexander marched through Persia, his historians talk about greenery, fertile plains, flowing waters etc in one of the provinces. But in the 19th century another historian talks about the same province as arid & dry.

There are innumerable such geographical inferences from history.

Some climatologists study history to compare the climates of the two eras & deduce their findings.

Such climatologist offer one simple & effortless solutions to the study of climate change.

The above discussion highlights the importance of “Seeking & Perspective”.

Seek what you Seek 

You get what you seek even from the most improbable sources & resources.

Those who can connect the dots of solution, like the above climatologists, from the least expected quarters rule the game.

Those who have the Imaginations to offer solutions from the easiest, unlikely & inconceivable resources will prosper.

In the “Leadership of Ideas” those who seek the imperceptible mostly succeeds.

What do you have to say on this matter ?