Smart Leadership And Their Priority

What Not To Do is More Important Than What To Do

We do many actions in life which seems like doing work. But they are not purposeful work. They are simply waste of time and energy. We do not achieve success out of those works
Do purposeful work. 
Successful people concentrate on doing the purposeful works. They know the art of weeding out the non purposeful works from their activities. That is why they are focused and engaged.

Smart Leadership Prioritize Things To Do
Great leadership are adept at prioritizing their actions in life. They chose works that are visionary and futuristic. They do works that provides productive values to the anticipated and desired goals.

Be like the hairdresser who inspite of insistence from the rich man did not consider fit to do such purposeless work. The rich man offered to pay him more if he did that work. Still the hairdresser refused. In order to make the rich man realize the futility of the work he cut off his whole beard and asked him to pick up the white ones.

Always Separate the useful from the useless