Successful Leadership And The Art Of Alchemy

Who is a Free Man ? 

Who do you think is a free man? The one who acts according to his own free will. According to Philosophers, any man acting out of pure Passion & Emotion even in his own Free Will Action (FWA) is still not a free man. That man is slave to passion. Only those who act out of Reason & Logic in their Free Will Action FWA is really free. 

Take it or leave it situation

According to above either the man acts out of heart or out of the brain. Leave it or take it situation. But I have a different opinion. Even those who act purely out of Reason is a slave to it. Man by very nature cannot act without some Emotion or Passion mixed in it’s action. Even Kant sets the limit of pure reason in his book “The Critique of Pure Reason

The Middle Way 

There is always a Third Way or Midway. The fine balance between Passion & Reason with the scale tilted more towards Logic & Reason. This art of Alchemy is difficult but not impossible. The man who practices it is the master of his own FWA. That man has control over both Passion & Reason. That man is really independent

Successful Leadership Knows the Art of Alchemy 

Outstanding leadership practices this Alchemy. They train for it by trial & error. They have complete control over their Free Will Action FWA. They turn Ordinary into the Extraordinary. They are the true leaders . They are the winners

To be successful we must know this art of alchemy