The Area Of Mistakes In Leadership Development

The Area of Darkness 

There is an area of darkness below the lamp & There is also the dark side of the moon.

Such axioms fit perfectly well inside the leadership decisions about leadership in many organisations. Organisations worldwide spend billions on leadership trainings trying to make the critical difference to the field of Decision Making & Problem Solving abilities.

The Area of Mistakes 

Recently I was reading some literature & then I realised where many organisations are making the critical mistakes about leadership training.

Most of the organisations are investing much more in training the very senior management than the basic & the middle managers.

At the cutting edge level most organisations are not converting their managers to leaders through trainings & this may be affecting their growth.

The development of Top management strategic visions through training is important but disproportionate attention to it is also not advisable. To me there has to be some defined ratio of investment in training for Top Vs the other levels.

Studies have shown that investment in training at critical levels contributes more to the organisational growth.

I will go by the formula where we spend 70 % on the other levels & 30 % on the top level for the training.

Do you agree ?