The Biggest Ambiguity Of Leadership

The Biggest Ambiguity

The biggest ambiguity of our age lies within the greatest truth of our times.

The philosophical explanations of the ambiguities are itself wrapped around obscurity.

The philosopher Bertrand Russel delved into the ambiguities inherent in the discourses on Truth & Usefulness.

He asserts that even the most truthful discipline like science whose primary job is to seek the Truth & be Useful has allowed more people to be killed through its truthful & useful enterprise than it was possible earlier.

we may well ask whether this destructive Truthful side of science is actually Truthful & Useful ?

The Dilemma 

A philosophical dilemma exists in even the most seemingly truthful discourses of life. Hence truth & its Usefulness alone cannot be the criteria for determining the righteousness of purpose.

A great mind delves deep inside the obvious truth for there may exist ambiguities & such souls also doubts evident Utilitarianism for it may hide great uncertainty inside its bosom.

The great leadership is always concerned with the humanitarian aspects of any truth & utilitarianism.

The art of leadership exhorts us not to accept anything at the face value even if it is the gospel truth & promises the highest usefulness.

Always look beyond the shrouds of certainity.