The Last Man And The Last Mile Connectivity In Leadership

The source must deliver seamlessly 

In the technological communications the “ the last mile connectivity” is considered the holy grail. The source must deliver to the user seamlessly. This is an inflexible concept practised by every source. 

Every ordinary leadership also tries to communicate to the last audience. 

Mostly we are trained to set our eyes & minds for the most represented communications. This is quite normal & logical. 

The Reverse Concept 

But what most forgets is the reverse of it. The leadership must also allow the last man to speak up. It ought to hear the last voice in the communication process. It should necessarily hear the feeblest voiced ideas, concepts, grievances & feedbacks. 

On the other hand the visionaries go beyond the obvious. They look for things that others skip. They hear the voices which many dismiss. 

Why They Do it 

One may ask as to why they practice such leadership style ? 

They do not always do it to find something interesting & unique. They also do not practice this leadership technique to merely tick the checklist and move on.  

They do it because they understand human psychology & group sociology. 

The Concept Behind it 

Such leadership wants the last individuals & groups to feel that they are represented in the journey & the leadership represents every single one of them. Not everyone contributes everytime in equal measures. Some fail and some win. But that's not the end of everything. Another day may come and the failed may win. 

This is the cycle of any society, nation & organization.

Irrespective of your halo you are valued in the organization is the final message to everyone by the leadership. 

This is how human progress. This is how leadership leads. 

This is what we can call the last mile connectivity in leadership.