The One Mistake We Often Make In Decision Making

Do not value the Periphery More 

“Whether the history exists or not is doubtful but there is no doubt that the historians exist.” Thus lamented a great scholar of history once.

We value the periphery more than the core as it is easily accessible. To understand the crux one has to transcend the margins & that is difficult.

While learning we tend to get more influenced by the narrator than the Process, Facts & Events itself. This makes us vulnerable to one sided & distorted understanding of the phenomena.

The Wisdom to Learn 

That is why Wisdom teaches us to always isolate the Matter, Narrator & the Phenomena separately.

Matter & Phenomena definitely has a natural inbuilt connection with each other. But the Narrator is an artificial construct to both of them. It has the power to redesign the Matter & Phenomena relationship to the point of falsification.

So do not attach more value to narrators than what is required. Attach much higher value to yourself to understand the matter & phenomena. You are the best judge of your environment.

It is Better to Fail Than..

Be your own narrator.

It is better to fail as a master of your own mind than to presume success by enslavement of the intellect to the other.

This is what successful leadership does. They do not loan their minds to the narrators. 

That is why their Decision Making Skills are more successful and original. 

They are loyal to their own intellect.

What do you say ?