The Pandemic And ThThe Rip Van Winkle Saga

The Rip Van Winkle Saga 

Rip Van winkle was a farmer. One day in the forest he saw some mysterious men playing the game of nine pins.
The mysterious men called him & asked him to join the game. RVW joined the game & enjoyed the drink offered to him. 

Slowly he felt drowsy and fell asleep. RVW woke up and remembered those mysterious men. There was none to be found. 

Life has changed

He found his beard has grown very long. His musket has rusted. His dog was gone. His clothes has worn out. He found himself to have aged a lot. 

He walked down to his town. He did not recognize anybody. Nobody recognized him too. The whole town has changed. 

Luckily his daughter identified him & brought him home. RVW was missing for 20 years. 

He came to know that all his friends have died. His wife too had died. He felt very sad. 

RVW was at the crossroads of life. Whether to give up by cursing the past or rise up & reinvent himself again. 

Humanity at the Crossroad 

Humanity is also at the Rip Van Winkle Crossroad. 

Within & post pandemic we must reinvent, rewire & reshape our goals, lifestyles, philosophy, relationships, jobs etc. 

We need to rise up again. We can't lament into the past by blaming the mysterious men & the drink. We cannot be drowsy, dull & sad. 

We must provide leadership of hope. 

We have to cross the crossroads.  

What do you say ?