The Problems Of Too Many Solutions And Leadership

The Choices 

“The best destination is the one that has the single straight road towards it.

The easiest problem is the one that has the single simple solution to it”..

Sometimes our concerns are not about the solution to any difficulties but the choices of solutions itself.

This age offers so many choices that it itself has become the problem statement.

Just looks at the number of Apps or SWs providing solutions to a single problem.

It is mind boggling.

The Solutions as The Problems 

The solutions are more overwhelming than the obstacle itself.

Such "Problems of Solutions" are now common than ever before everywhere.

To select the best solution out of the choices of solutions is also a great solution.

One of the art of problem solving is not only about finding the solution but finding the best of the solution.

This is where leadership has to evolve beyond a mere solution statement.

Here Comes The Leadership 

The leadership must offer basket of solutions and must pick the best out of them.

This way the competency of leadership increases.
The faith & trust of the organisation they lead also increases in transparency.

The age of just offering any solution and basking in laurels is long over.

This is the new age leadership where offering choices of solutions is the norm and not the exception.

What do you say ?