The Successful Contrarians And Their Secret To Success

Advices Are  Game Changers 

Sometimes some advice can be a game changer. It can establish as well as ruin the entire future prospects of the heeder more so particularly in the professional field.  

Generally such important advice is sought from experienced & professional people who have spent years in that profession. We do not seek such seasoned advice from a teenager more so if he has no knowledge of that field.  

Nizami Took the Risk 

But this is exactly what Nizami Ganjavi the 12th century AD Persian poet did when he was offered a professional literary task. Nizami was an accomplished literary figure.  

He was offered the project to write the famous Arabic love story of Laila-Majnu for the Persian readers. His advisors bluntly told him that a sad love story of a commoner would not attract readers. Further this would besmirch his philosophical poet image.  

Nizami was confused. He sought the final advice from his wife & his teenage son. They both insisted that it would bring common readers like never before & he must write it.  

Nizami accepted their advice & rest is history. Nizami’s Laila-Majnu became world famous work & is still so. It changed persian poetry forever & brought it to the world.  

The Contrarian 

Never ever reject advice simply based on mere age & non-domain metrics. When at crossroads there are always benefits in discussing professional matters with the nearest ones.

Sometimes some advice requires more heart than the brain. 

Successful Thought Leadership is always open to ideas & suggestions from all sides. They have more options to try than a closed mind.

Is it not ?