The The One Text Which Everybody Writes Everyday

The Coffin Texts 

The ancient Egyptian civilization (4000- 2000 B.C) had an interesting custom. The kings, nobles, wise men etc of those times, after their death, were buried with texts written over their coffins. These texts were philosophical messages left by the dead for the future generations. This came to be known as the Coffin Texts. 

King Intef & The Message 
This particular message from the coffin Text of King Intef philosophizes that nothing is permanent in the world. Change is the only truth. Celebrate each day without attaching much to the material things. Happiness is everything. 

"Those who built their tomb-temples,
Their place is no more
Their walls are dismantled
As if they had never been

Celebrate the glad day
Be not weary therein
Lo, no man taketh his goods with him
Yea, none returneth again that is gone thither "

Leadership & Coffin Text

Each one of us is writing our own coffin texts every day. Our speech, actions,thoughts, ideas etc are our actual coffin texts for others to read, understand and imbibe. So our coffin texts should be full of inspiration, compassion and guidance. 

Any leadership whose everyday coffin Texts are impressive and inspirational are real leaders. That’s true Leadership