Why Some Organizations Become Successful

The System 
When Individuals fail nothing fails.
When Institutions fail something fails.
But when Systems fail everything fails.

The Oraganizational Leadership 

This is why successful organisations create Systems & Institutions that outlive Individuals.

You research any great organisations and the most common aspect you would find is their vigorously embeded accountable Institutions & Systems.

It is wrong strategy to think that Individuals create Systems & Institutions. It is always the Team Work with the Individual as the face of it.

Developed & matured organisations first create Systems & Institutions and then allow Individuals to grow. Not otherwise.

It is also true that great individuals regularly come out of such great Systems & Institutions.

Great Vs Mediocre

This is the telling difference between great organisations and ordinary ones.

Similarly in our life we must create our own Systems & Insitutions rather than simply leave it to our Individual impulses.

You will see great Principles coming out of your own Systems & Institutions that outlives you.

This is the marked difference between successful Individuals & the non-successful ones.

This is leadership.

Think over it.