Why Wait For The Miracle Moment ?

We Are Not Observing It Correctly 

We often try to find miracles in the rarity of events and processes. But we forget that miracles occur everyday right before our senses. The only thing that is stopping us from seeing the common everyday miracles is our conditioned intellect. We have programmed our minds to seek for the uncommon and the momentous experiences as miracles. 

The Thrills of Existence is No More 

Routinization of the regularity of events and processes have taken away the thrills of our existence. We no longer attach charm and surprise to the many miracles happening so commonly to us. How many of us often realise that our being alive and that too with good health itself is a miracle. We humans are the most sophisticated of the machines but still we are the machines and destined to fail and fade away. Just like any machine we can also stop working anytime and that too without any reasonable reasons. Similarly we are also alive without any reasonable explanations. 

How You View it Matters 

The matured mind tries to unravel miracles from the ordinary. They view the mundane as the exciting aspect of the life journey. This is because the mundane is the 99 % of your existence while the 1% is your illusions. It is upto you to either chase the 1% and wait for the awaited miracles to happen or embrace the 99% of the ordinary and enjoy the magical elements inherent in it. 

Long ago some wise man has already declared that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. So we must safely proclaim that the miracles lie in the perceptions of the endurer. 

The Alchemist 

A Successful Leadership mind is the Alchemist who turns everyday events and processes into the gold standards of professionalism. They do not wait for Haley's Comet to bestow the miracles for the organization. Such Smart Leadership uses the everyday ordinary sun to create the brilliance of illuminations for the organizations. 

The idea is to create greatness out of the ordinary rather than wait endlessly for the once in a lifetime miracles to happen. Such miracles may also happen and if it does so then accept it as an extraordinary bonus and move on. Do not get trapped by the lustre and allurements of those rare miracles. 

We must try to create Great Leadership out of ordinary situations and resources. To the exalted minds, inherent in the ordinary,  lie the 99 % of the magic of life and its success. 

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With Smiles.