About Me

Hi, I am Shahnawaz Qasim, IPS. Welcome to my profile summary.I can assure you that you won't be disappointed. With more than 22 years of public service experiences at leadership positions, I have many inspiring & problem solving ideas to share & implement. The service journey is still continuing though

emember the late 1990s when liberalisation was sweeping the telecom sector. I learnt the first basics of leadership in those days. Leading the Finance & Revenue divisions of the Govt. Telecom Dept. to compete with the telecom giants was an enterprise in leadership learning. From protectionism to sudden nakedness within moments is how we faced the private competition and still had enough glorious tales to narrate. That is some awesome experiences to share, teach and implement.

Man is made to mutate, change and transform. Status Quo may be a prison where your lifeless body resides. That's what invigorated me to change & seek new challenges in the Indian Police Service (IPS) . From fulfilling the onerous task of public safety & security to solving the most peculiar of crimes, my career has seen it all. The special capabilities, courage, endurance, tactics & strategy required to fight left wing terrorism is itself an epitome in leadership. I learnt every aspect of leadership right from motivating, planning, strategizing and leading from the front in these life changing battles. I learnt how to have hope when no hope is there. I grasped the secrets on how to succeed against all the odds.

Sometime back I decided to learn the higher art of leadership & focus on public policy, planning, strategy etc . I joined the Welfare Dept. to learn the ways & means to improve the collective fortunes of the people. To change the lives of people towards prosperity is the highest form of leadership. I am learning the most demanding form of leadership and that is the service of the people.

I help people learn leadership & advise organizations towards their goals by way of chargeless Consultancy Management. I chersish Strategic Management, Organisational Innovations & Solutions based Leadership roles. I say it because I have practised it to the best of my abilities. Sometimes I may have failed & sometimes succeeded but one aspect is true. I always give the best from my side.

When I am not contemplating on changing lives & situations I am happy reading Philosophy,History & Literature (PHL) at my study table. Rest of the time I play with my kids and of course with our cat.