A Webinar Talk on  “Leadership of the Mind” And The Art Of Excellence”

A closed mind is a dead mind just like the collapsed stars. It behaves like the Black Hole from where no light ever emerges. The customary see things from their eyes but the prescient & the ingenious view it from their minds.  It is all about the “Leadership of the Mind”.

Anything that is ignited with wisdom has life. So is our mind that is enlightened with the light of leadership. This session will deal with the concept of “Leadership of the Mind” and how it can be used as a leadership tool for our desired success. 

All are requested to join in the journey of the “Leadership of the Mind” via free registration. 

Date : 30 January at 7PM 

The Webinar Link is below : 


Thank you 

Shahnawaz Qasim, IPS