Do We Really Think As We Claim ?

What is Thinking ? 

When you and the subject matter are peacefully aligned with each other then there exists a simple equation of a constant and a variable.

You are the Constant and the subject matter is the first variable.

This is the simplest definition of “Thinking”.

The Problem Areas

The problem is not about you and the first variable but the other variables that sneaks into the equation.

As we progress technologically the other variables will magnify & complicate the equation.

The greatest threat to Thinking comes from the technology in our hand. The phone is becoming the ultimate barrier to the thinking process though it is the greatest supplier of information to the mind.

How ironic is it ?

The phone is treating us with contempt by considering us as a mere storage device but hardly as the processor of those informations.

And for so long we thought the phone as the storage device. What a deception?.

It is a delusion to think that more information means more knowledge. Majority of those informations are distractions to our time & energy.

The best way to limit over exposures to unnecessary variables is to use technology responsibly.

For our age this may well be one of the most sought after #leadership traits.

Think about it & keep the worthless variables away.