Great Leaderships Are Like The Phoenicians

We never see the Base

We never see the base but always the facade. So is the case in history of many societies & people. One of them is the Phoenicians(P). The Phoenicians(P) were settled in the Levant region from 3000 BC. They were people known as Canaanites & their region Canaan. They were sea traders & created the first entrepreneurship of the world. They were very famous for purple dye & for this known as the Purple People. The Phoenicians(P) introduced glass works & luxury items to world civilisation.

The Gift to Greek Civilization 

The  Phoenicians(P) introduced the 22 letters Alphabet for the first time. Herodotus says the Greeks borrowed this Alphabet system & established the glorious Greek civilisation on it. Before that Greek had no Alphabets. 

The Word Bible Comes from them 

Their cities Tyre, Sidon & Byblos were very famous. In-fact the word Bible comes from the city name Byblos. The Phoenicians(P) were so famous for trade that many kingdoms did not attack them for their contributions. 

But we do not know them much 

But we hardly know them the same way as we know about Greek, Egyptian & Mesopotamian civilizations. The Phoenicians(P) formed the base on which many civilization prospered 

Great Leadership is like the Phoenician

Similar is the case with many leaders. They form the base for growth of organisations. They work silently & without glamour. They are like the Phoenicians(P). 

These type of leadership form great organisations