It Is Not A Yes Or No Situation

It is Not Watertight Concept 

The concept of Globalisation (G) is not a watertight definition.

Globalisation adapts to the peculiarities of its locations & systems.

Globalisation started as a free market economy in the industrialised countries but it soon started growing in non industrialised nations.

It is not advisable to take a black & white position on Globalisation as things change. Geo-politics, trade blocs, trade barriers, Nationalist policies etc may change situations.

It is A Mixed Bag 

Globalisation may benefit some but may not benefit the others. Maybe some elements may be adopted & some may be discarded.

There exist so many permutations & combinations for countries to select from globalisation. Afterall globalisation is just an economic theory.

It is always risky to take a one-size-fits-all ideological position on matters of economics.

Globalisation as of now is almost the prevalent concept all over the world. It seems as if it is the end of history.

But with trade deficits, job losses & inequalities rising for many economies there is a call for rethink on many aspects of Globalisation.

Things Are Changing 

These are signs that changes are coming. Protectionism may be re-emerging.

Thought Leadership must provide new ways of Globalisation that benefits all & drastically minimises inequalities in wealth.

It is time of reckoning for "Leadershipp of Ideas" in the policy making.