Thought Leadership Is Boring

The Bug of Ingenuity

Some of us get bitten by the bug of ingenuity. We want to do things differently every time so that we become legends. But unlike Mathematics some problems of life require simple solutions. 

Do not Romance your Problems  

We feel that we have to “Think Out of the Box” for every problem. That is not true. Never get trapped in jargon & concepts. Focus on solving the Problems. Do not Academically Romance your Problems. Most Solutions are simple but we sometimes avoid it for the fear of being labelled unimaginative. Sometimes the solution is so simple that we refuse to believe it to be a solution. Somehow we have been taught that most problems require complex solutions. But it is not so. Problems become complex only when it is left to fester like wounds.

Great leadership is Boring

Great leadership is boring. They focus on the Base & the Core. They believe that not all Glamorous actions are Great leadership. They also accept that not all Great leaders are glittering. Successful leadership looks for solutions rather than idioms. They treat the problems at the beginning only so that it does not become complex. Their solutions are mainly preventive and less Reactive

Most of the time it’s the boring solutions that are real. Not the glamorous ones

Agree ?