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Would You Believe It 

Would you believe If I say that many living beings declared dead have been brought back to life ? probably not. The first reaction of the listeners would be to doubt the integrity of the statements itself. But let me assure that there is no magic involved in it nor any sleight of hand. The process involved is pure science & technology. 

Recently I was watching an interesting video article in which it was claimed that scientists have successfully resurrected some ancient forms of life. An organism called Bdelloid Rotifer which was frozen for almost 24000 years was brought back to life in the laboratory. After being resurrected it reproduced also. To just say  Amazing would be an understatement. 

Not only this many more micro-organisms which were lying dormant for almost 100,000 years too were brought back to life. The amazing process is still continuing and maybe the most ancient forms of life, long considered gone, may all return back to life.  Who knows ? 

The Cryptobiosis State

Cryptobiosis is a condition of severe inactivity among organisms due to unfavourable environmental conditions which makes it almost like being dead. In the cryptobiotic  state all metabolic activities cease and the organisms can live forever. But to be very fair It will be technically living but practically dead.  Many organisms since creation have been in cryptobiotic state waiting for the desired favourable outer conditions to come so that they can  resurrect.   This is even more amazing.