The Crux Of Leadership

“It is not the business of the botanist to eradicate the weeds. Enough for him if he can tell us just how fast they grow in” said a wise man once

That's right.. The job of the experts ends mostly where they declare the reasons for the mess

But this is not the case for leadership

The role of leadership generally begins from where the role of the experts ends

The leadership has to clear the mess and see that institutional processes are set in motion so that such mess are not created again.

Leaders need not be experts of material things. It is enough of him to understand what the experts are advising

But it is expected of the leaders to be well versed in the psychology & sociology of the humans

There is no substitute to that

This is the area where big mess are created and even solved

To be successful in leadership roles, it is essential to master the understanding of the human phenomenon

That's the crux of leadership