Leadership Must Think More Than The Others

The Thinking 

How often do you think about yourself?
How much do you know about yourself?
What are the extremities of your potential?
And what exactly is your potential?

The answers to these and many such questions seem easy at first but difficult to answer. Try asking these questions randomly to yourself. You will be surprised to know about yourself more than you had ever known. Asking questions to others is easy but not to oneself. 

The Moot Question 

The moot question then arises. Why do we know so less about our own selves than we know about the others?
The one reason could be this. We do not delve into the matters which matters most to us. The one who dive the deepest has more chances of finding the pearl. That's right. 

Philosophers are mere mortals like us. But they think, contemplate & ponder more. They dive into the deepest of the undiscovered seas. We have to dive deep inside our own selves. Then delve into our core. There you will find yourself

The poet 

Thus spoke an urdu poet..

Main Khud Bhi Nahin Apni Haqiqat Ka Shanasa
Gehra Hai Mere Bahr-e-Khayalaat Ka Pani

Even to me, my inner self remains still unraveled
      The sea of my contemplation is deep and uncharted

How do you comprehend this.