The Three Greatest Engagement Challenges As A Leader

The Three Choices 

If you do not know this then probably your leadership journey is getting compromised.

It is being foiled by your wrong choices of engagements.

You face the 3 greatest engagement challenges as a leader.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

What Are They ? 

The Critics, the Ignorants & the Fools are your greatest test of leadership.

The Critics will question your destination & the paths to it as well.

The Ignorants will simply dismiss your dreams & the efforts for they are too intellectually challenged to understand it.

The fools will not only mock your decisions but will offer you the reasons as to why you are wrong. They have the audacity to offer you brainless advises too.

Not everything good & great are in the books & in the classrooms.

Many are found in experiences also.

What You Must Do ? 

👉 Be respectful towards your critics as they may offer some good advice but do not consider them fruitful beyond a point. As a leader you must know when to listen & when to be oblivious.

👉 Never make the cardinal mistake of making the Ignorants understand your dreams. You are engaging with the wrong people

👉 Among the 3 always be very alert about the fools. They can make a clown out of you. Simply block them out of your journey.

If you don't treat them the way they deserve to be treated you will certainly lose your way.