Break This Chain In Leadership

Teach Them Early 

Since it is a specialised area of human enterprise on which the fate of society depends it is imperative that it is taught early to reap the rewards expeditiously.

Leadership, contrary to popular opinion, is neither age restricted nor time.

Schools can be the best place to teach & develop leadership skills.

Most of the schools may be doing it in some forms but time has come to develop specialised curriculums for it.

A great & competent supply of leaders from schools is expected to reduce lots of problems in the society.

The schools, colleges & universities are acting somewhat like mass factories that churn out production-cum-consumption based sophisticated manpowers only.

This manpower in turn are creating robotised ecosystem to further the concept of mechanised leadership without humane soul.

Break The Chain 

We must break this chain.

The popular myth that leadership is basically for business & #management institutes can be broken by starting it from the schools.

Leadership is For Everybody 

Leadership is for everybody even for running your own house & for leading your own life.

Teaching leadership is not meant only for organisational profits as is made out to be.

We must teach #leadership at schools for overall benefits of humanity.