Cometh The Hour Cometh The Man

Alexander & The Siege 
There is an interesting story from the life of Alexander, the Great. His army had laid siege to a rebel town in 4th Century B.C. The army could not break the protective wall around the town. The only way left was to scale the wall with the siege ladder.

His Army and Generals were reluctant & afraid to scale the wall. It was too high a risk. The enemy was in advantageous position. Alexander tried to motivate his troops through talks but without success. There was almost a mini mutiny. The only option was to retreat back and accept defeat

The Will Power 

Alexander never accepted defeat in his life. He decided to lead from the front and started scaling the wall. Alexander scaled the wall and jumped inside. His troops got so motivated that they too joined. Alexander got an arrow injury to his chest while fighting. The town was won. But Alexander set an everlasting example in leadership. That’s why he was called “Sikander” by the Persians. 

True Leadership Rises When Occasion Demands 

True leadership always rise when the occasion demands. They lead from the front when all hope is lost. They show courage where it is needed. They show conviction of purpose. They lead their names into the history books. 

Do you agree ?