Do Not Clamour For The Low Hanging Fruits

The Traditional View 

Traditionally we view Leadership as an art of leading & influencing people towards certain defined goals.

But there is another type of leadership we hardly discuss.

Those leadership who leads New Ideas, Concepts & Thoughts.
Such leadership talks more about Thoughts than about the Actions.

They believe that Great Actions are the outcome of Great Thoughts only.

The Great Thoughts 

This leadership journey may or may not have explicit goals but as the journey progresses the target get more unclouded.

A leadership of the future may not necessarily inspire the normal minds with its hazy distant goals. But it definitely inspires those who can understand Ideas & its role in shaping of the civilizations.

All great Thought Leadership do not aspire for the immediate goals but they are more particular about the process & direction they are leading into.

Do Not Clamour For The Low Hanging Fruits 

Such minds do not clamour for the low hanging fruits. They look at the fruits of the distant future.

But there is a great chance of getting lost in such a leadership journey. Still they have faith in the maxim which says that all those who wander do not get lost.

A traveller on a long journey must concentrate on taking the right roads for the destination is but the grinds of the proper roads.