Do Not Focus On Homer. Focus On The Iliad

Iliad & Odyssey - The rise of Western Civilization 

Iliad and the Odyssey are the two books which are considered the foundation of western literature. These books have shaped the cultural, moral & aesthetic sense of the western civilisation (WC) since ages. 

Homer is generally regarded as the author of the above books. But the scholarly consensus believes that both Odyssey & Iliad to be the works of several authors through centuries. Homer is only the representative name for the above works. Some even believe that Homer did not exist.

The Point is not About Homer 

The point here is not about Homer but about the two books. It is not Homer who shaped the literary & intellectual thought process of WC but the two books did it. Homer may be a myth. But Iliad & odyssey is reality

Leadership is collection of Principles & Ideologies 

Similarly when we talk about great leadership we are actually understanding the collection of ideas, ideologies, actions, POVs etc and not the person per se. Great leadership is the system of thought & action process more than the study of the individual. An individual leadership may itself be a combination of many individual leaderships mixed together.

Search for your own Iliad & Homer 

Great organisations search for it’s Iliad & Homer but the ordinary ones search for their Homer. So do not focus on Homer. Focus on the Iliad & the Odyssey