Do Not Forget The Destination In Charm Of The Roads

The Destination Matters 

We are so consumed with debates on “isms” that we have lost track of the basics.

At the end of the journey what every travellers seek is the destination.

If destination are not reached, one cannot solace the travellers by just praising the splendours of the roads travelled upon.

They can only be regaled with the achievements of the destinations promised.

This is what is wrong with Thought Leadership (TL) today.

Roads Are Not The Destination 

We are so obsessed with roads that we have forgotten the destinations.

TL lacks courage to change the roads. Even if they do, it is the tributaries of the same roads.

How long does it take to realise that the roads may not lead to the destinations ?

I think the travellers already know it. The only problem is that the guides do not accept it.

The roads, travellers, journeys, guides etc all are visible.

But what is not seen is the destination.

The Leadership 

How can any human journey allow few to have wealth greater than the scores of nations and at the same time allow millions to barely survive.

There must be inherent defects on those roads travelled.

Leadership must change the roads or create new roads.

We must create more & even distribute more.

creation of wealth & it's distribution must be friends.

The travellers are just tired of pilgrimaging.