Do What The Machines Cannot Do

Nothing is Predictable 

Unlike the natural sciences the events do not unfold stepwise in humanities.

There are no ten steps to success nor there are ten ways to permanent failures.

Almost everything about the humans is unpredictable though it may seem foreseeable.

There is no predictability here.

There is No Uniformity 

You may see someone successful in a situation. But the same situation may produce failures to many.

You cannot propound behavioural laws for the humans.

There is no universality here.

Everything is in Flux 

You and I can disagree on the same penalty kick for the same football match. Everything is in flux
There is no objectivity here.

Those leadership that understands the usage of Predictability, Universality & Objectivity concepts in relations to human engagements have higher chances of succeeding than those who do not.

They never label somebody as permanent failure nor some situation as irreversible.

Strategic decision makers must concentrate less on domain and more on human resources.

There is no dearth of domain experts. Even machines are domain experts & they do much better than the humans.

What Machines Cannot DO 

But what machines cannot do, the wise leadership must do that mostly.

They must always apply the laws of natural sciences to the inanimate domains.

They must never apply any laws to the human engagements.