Do You Intend To Chase Your Own Shadow ?

The Fact of Life 

"If a problem is not getting solved then it is not a problem but a fact of life. You have to reconcile with that fact and live accordingly". 

This is what a wise mind once said in response to solving problems in life. 

Most of our life goes in vain trying to seek solutions to every incident and situation which we are not comfortable with. We start regarding those uncomfortable circumstances as the problem itself. But all of those circumstances may not be the problem. Some of them may be the facts of your life appearing to you as the problem. For example, increased hygiene, physical distancing, masking, Work from home, online socialising etc are becoming facts of life and cannot be regarded as merely  problems. We cannot be obsessed about finding specific solutions to these supposed problems but we may concentrate to end the pandemic itself. The Covid  pandemic  is a problem but those precautions associated with the pandemic are facts of life. Until unless the covid pandemic does not go away the supposed problems with it will never go away. 

Chasing The Shadow 

Imagine chasing those illusionary problems and trying to find solutions to those facts of life. We as humans are more prone to declaring our circumstances as either good or bad. But this may not be the right way to look at life. Some of those circumstances are facts of life which may not require solutions at all. It just requires our willingness to accept it as parcels of life. We must not try to always  change those circumstances but sometimes try to change ourselves to live comfortably with those circumstances. This is the adaptation of life which we forget most of the time. 

The Organizational Leadership

Similar situations hold for the organisation also. The leadership of the organisation must not always regard the uncomfortable situations as the problems itself. Sometimes it may be the fact of the organisation. What are the problems and what are the facts are to be determined by the actors in those situations only. The outside observers also can add values with their detached involvement. This is where good consultancy comes into play by separating the problems from the facts of existence. 

The matured and visionary leadership must know the art of separating the Facts of Existence from the Problems of organisations. Those who can observe with such matured minds can surely concentrate their intellects more on the real problems. They have a better chance of succeeding in their missions than those who chase facts as problems. 

What do you say ?