Do You Know The One Great Reason Behind Any Great Leadership ?

Great leaders always have great ideology behind them. Some may even call it great principles. Fine. I am happy with both the assumptions but let me make one assertion clear here. All principles are subsets of ideology only and without a great ideology no great principles can ever come out. 

When we are following a great principle we are actually following some part of a great ideology which we may be unaware of sometimes. Great leaders first follow a great ideology and automatically some great principles come out of it. 

It is not the personal style that determines the greatness of a leader but the ideology & principles that they represent determines their greatness. 

Let me make one more thing obvious here. Our morals, ethics and values must find a place in our ideology and all these elements must coexist peacefully within that broader framework of ideology. If there is a difference between any elements within the ideology it is bound to lead to confusing consequences for the leadership. 

I have a firm belief that any great progressive and humanitarian ideology will always take care of our ethics, morals and values. If it is not doing so then it means the ideology is not progressive, egalitarian and humanitarian in its philosophy. So, always go for the great ideology and all other elements will automatically fall in place. 

I also believe that the most important aspect of any leader is their ideology. If you want to understand any leadership and their visions, always study their ideology. It is the ideology where everything in leadership lies. 
The actions of any leadership are basically the fulfilment of their ideology. The actions are the result of ideology and not otherwise. It cannot be that the action comes first and then the leader reverses it back to link it to the ideology. It is the ideology that forces you to do certain actions as a leader. 

Some proponents of leadership theory believe that a good leader is the one who does action on a case to case basis and on the merits of the case. There is no need for a leader to have a predetermined ideology. There is nothing wrong in this assumption per se but at times this approach has a great problem. 

Sometimes there may arise a situation which may be very beneficial to the leadership or to the organisation in the short term but it would not be morally & ethically correct to do so. As per the case to case basis approach there is a great chance for a leader to succumb to accepting such titillating offers if the ideology is not predetermined. But if the ideology is already determined it would not allow any leadership to accept any immoral & unethical propositions however beneficial it may be. There is tremendous power of moral ideology in leadership. 

A leader without a good ideology is a disaster waiting to unfold. The only check is the good ideology of the organization that would come to the rescue and stop the disaster. It always pays for the organization to have a good ideology so that it can overide the bad ideology of its leadership.

This is precisely the reason the ideology must be clear from the very beginning of any leadership and it must be good, humanitarian & egalitarian also. A leadership must know beforehand where it is sailing and in which waters. It should not be opportunistic as far as ideology is concerned. A great leader does not believe in opportunism at the cost of ethics and values.

The directions of great destinations are known from the first step itself. 

 A leader with a great and good ideology may seem to be slow and late most of the time. But this is the typical trajectory of its movement. It takes time for great things to be accepted more so if it is built on the ideology of equality and diversity. 

Never ever confuse your slowness with defeat for sometimes the trajectory of success is just like that. Nothing to worry at all. Keep moving on with a good ideology for a great leadership success. 

A good leadership is the one which has the good ideology with it.