Every Great Leaders Have This Philosophical Clarity

Our Existential Understanding 

"To love any human is difficult, to love a thing is easy
"To hate any human is easy, to hate a thing is difficult"

It is the philosophical understanding of our existence that determines our overall perspectives in life.

All the resultant behavioural actions are only the results of those philosophical positinings.

All the conglomerations of Synonyms & Antonyms of our existence like love & hate, peace & war, good & bad etc are silently residing within us.

But it is our philosophical moorings that wakes up some of synonyms & antonyms within us while allowing others to remain dormant.

The Philosophical Clarity 

That is why our philosophical positions in life must be very clear from the outset. It helps in creating a right matrix of synonyms & antonyms for our personality.

It helps us, without any confusion, in taking sides between good & bad, evil & virtuous, love & hate, material & spiritual etc etc.

The good moorings of #leadership is essential as it impacts the anchoring of the many.

The Mission & Value Statements of organisations are examples in #philosophical moorings of their human capital especially the leadership.

Individuals, organisations & societies, without humane philosophical moorings, actually lack leadership qualities.