Every Great Leadership Carries This Burden

The Great Burden of Humanity 

The more I read Philosophy, History & Literature (PHL) the more I am reminded of the great burden of humanity.

You are not the end in yourself. You even don't belong to yourself. You are but the link in the infite chain of humanity.

All ages & epochs may have had their struggles unique to them. Some of them we know of & some are yet not discovered.

The Common Struggle 

In all the tales of tussles in History & humanity's emotional reactions in Literature there is one common glaring aspect that stands out philosophically.

It is man's inherent endevour to transform itself from a mere biological organism to the higher sociological entity.

Every war, each reformations and even all possible status quo were made on the promise of evolution towards the betterment.

We may take our own sides in those fights but the philosophical tinge innate in our human history does not change.

It is the desire for evolving more as a human being individually & collectively.

The Leadership Outcome 

This is what I feel is the greatest ingrained outcome of any leadership.

This is what every new day brings hope of great leadership from each one of us.

Such is the extraordinary burden we carry for humanity.

The struggle to become a human.