Every Leader Must Have It

The Warrior 

The message was delivered by the emissary. In truth it was not a message but an order to kneel & prostrate

Tomiris, the Queen of the Massagetae Central Asian nomadic tribe (6 th century BC ) refused the offer of surrender. She knew her military strength was far inferior to Cyrus the Great. It seemed like a lost cause from the start

On one side was identity & self respect. But on the other side was the certainty of losing their name forever from history

Tomiris decided to fight & go down in history with dignity

The Inspiration 
Herodotus the Greek historian wrote that Tomiris won against Cyrus. Many historians do not agree with it

But everyone agrees that Tomiris became an #inspiration forever. She is the first recorded women in history to change the fortune of her people by her leadership & courage

Sometimes no #strategy, no tactics and even skills do not matter. There is no hope waiting in patience for things to change

What matters is to take the bull by its horns

What is expected is raw courage to confront our great problems. History tells us that such courage changes the tides

It is an immense leadership quality to show that courage when situation demands

Courage is the compulsory constitution of any great #leadership