Every Leader Must Know This

The greatest convergence has happened before our eyes & it is still continuing

If one can imagine it one can converge it

With the smartphone age our libraries, TVs, Cinema Halls, schools, colleges, universities & even our offices have all converged into a single device

Even the Elections, Parliaments, Governments etc have all been compressed into the smartphone ecosystem

Our relationships, emotions, opinions, interactions etc are all now existing here. And I am not even talking about the converges like calendars, clocks, timers, calculators, mirrors, torchlights etc being on the smartphone

Perhaps the smartphone is the closest we have come to the “Theory of Everything” which Einstein & other Physicists searched for so long

Our greatest convergence has solved so many of our problems. Nobody would deny it

But this convergence has also created the greatest problems related to our life. We are all aware about the human & social costs of smartphone use

It seems as if we need another convergence to overcome these problems

In leadership roles we must know that any perceived solution also brings unseen problems with itself

In the seeds of creation itself lies the genesis of its destruction is the principle every leadership must know