Freedom Is An Illusion

Freedom is an illusion

You may be free from inside but not outside. The Rules of your engagements are mostly written before you are even born. Your Large connections are already established even before you interact. You way & style of communication is already decided before you spoke
Your Do's & Don'ts are existing in the environment before you even act. Someone has already tied you to your Belief & cultural moorings before you prayed. 

Your Culinary taste has already been decided before you ate anything. Your name is Just waiting to be registered before you are even called by your name. You are already labelled socially before your personality arrived. 

But still inspite of all this. 
You have power to shape your destiny. 
Within this illusionary freedom. 
You still can have your freedom. 
But remember always one thing. 
Everything is Relative and some is deceptive. 

Try to think over it. If you can think independently of your moorings then you are certainly on the road to freedom. But is it so easy to think without the support of our moorings. 

That is the part we need to think more.