Give Up Things That Do Not Matter

Give Up Things Useless 

Goals & Dreams that we have outgrown, we must give up.
Ways & Actions that threatens serenity, we must give up.
Things that do not help us grow, we must give up.
And we must give up everything that belittles us as humans.

There is nothing disastrous about giving up. We give up one thing to take up another that befits us. 

We Must Mature 

We mature everyday to change everyday though we notice it not.

If you are not giving up on unnecessary infatuations, you are not journeying at all.

You are a traveller stuck up in a fixed space & time.

The phrase “Never to give up” is to be read with Evolution & not in isolation with obsession.

Determination for destination is natural but fixation for it is ruinous. Just because you selected your port of call does not mean it is still worth the momentous journey.

The World is in Flux 

Chase new dreams. The world is in flux every moment. Good things keep coming up.

Now is different. Yesterday was even more dissimilar. Reassess yourself. Give up on unrealistic things.

“Rolling stones gathers no moss” they may say. But you don't have to gather the moss & fungus always.

You have to keep rolling to be with the time.

So give up your excess baggage.

Be lean, soft, kind & humble with your goals.