Globalization And The Thought Leadership

The  Conceptual Inflation

One scholar said that rarely has a term suffered from such conceptual inflation as globalisation.

Who is looking at the G actually determines what type of answers we can expect.

For example the manufacturing industry of developed countries do not view G positively as major works & jobs are outsourced to developing nations. But the same view is not held by the developing nations.

The assertion that G cannot be now returned back sounds convincing. But generally bigger economic concepts never get banished. They change their shapes and size.

Like The Water...

If the G has to survive it has to be adjustful like the water taking the form and shapes of the respective countries. The best way is the "Localisation of Globalisation”.

The Regional Trade blocs are one such example where all the rules of G are practised but with the local flavours. This has potential to localise G.

Experts opine that our attitudes on G is largely based on the perception of the " winners'' or " Losers". Brexit is an example.

The real challenge of G is to create a winner only situation for every participants.

But is it possible ?