Go Beyond Professionalism In Leadership

The early morning blues

It was an early morning flight & I was getting late. Half asleep, I managed to dress and rushed to the airport. I was running towards the allotted gate to board the flight. Suddenly I felt a twist and saw one of the shoe soles has come out. I could do nothing but throw it in the dustbin. I wore my bathroom slipper & boarded the flight. 

I called the cab driver and asked him whether I can buy shoes after landing on the way to the guest house. He replied in the negative. My meeting was at 10.30 AM.

                                 Photo credit : Kat Jayne from pexels 

The unexpected gift of leadership 

After landing I rushed out. The cab driver eagerly came & spoke “sir ji I got 3 pairs of shoes for you from my friends. Pl check which one fits you’’. 

He saved the day for me. I thanked him while being completely mesmerized by his concern for me. He had so much sensitivity, kindness and sincerity to help even a complete stranger. I was a mere customer to him & he was a service provider. But there exists an unwritten bond called humanity which is greater than any relationship. 

Go beyond professionalism 

We must show sensitivity towards each other. We all have small small problems which can be solved easily if we show genuine concern. We need to go beyond professionalism to solve human problems. That's where the real solution & leadership lies