Great Leaders Ask Great Questions

Ask Greak Questions 

To me Ignorance is the state of not asking Questions.
What you never asked, you may never get.

It is rightly said that you only get Answers to the Questions you ask.

A good leader often asks Great Questions. Your questions in life will decide the fate of your journey.

But we hardly ask Questions.

Questions  Solve Problems 

Most of us presume that asking questions create problems & it signifies negativity in the organisational ecosystem.

Hence most of us fear to ask the questions.

But there is another aspect to it.

Asking the Right Question is an art and an ability in itself.

Most of us do not know the Right Questions to ask also.

This may be because we lack the #leadership perspective to the problem.

A searing gaze of an accomplished leader changes the fate of the problem. The leader turns it into the solution.

My experiences tell me that asking “Problem Solving Questions” is like solving half of the problem.

That is why we often say that a journey well begun is half done.

Identify Problem Solving Questions 

But the Big Question is how do we identify such problem solving questions.

This is a leadership ability which comes through observations, experience, fortitude, expertise & certainly the courage to ask it at the appropriate time.

So ask the Right Questions to get the Right Solutions.