Great Leaders Never Obsess About This Quality

Not Required 

It is not required at all. There is undue obsession about it

Why should we aim to be so productive that we start competing with the machines?

Successful leadership & entrepreneurship need not be as efficient & productive as the machines

If we measure the capacities of great leadership not a single one would be able to beat the machines.
But still they are successful

Why ?

The Reasons 

The reasons for their success lies in 2 things they do:

✔️They create an ecosystem of human resources which is intellectually rich, stimulating & diverse

Such leadership then synchronizes their vision & mission with their human resource ecosystem which ultimately lead them to success

✔️They create Systems, Processes & Machines which are tasked with productivity & efficiency

They let the machines do their work & humans theirs without role reversals

What Leaders Must Do 

As for such leadership they invest their time not like the machines

They think, strategize, create enabling environments, solve problems, bring in resources, anticipate changes, redesign systems & processes, build new machines, replenish human resources etc

Such leadership believes that they should not be the best but the ecosystem they created should be the best

That's some leadership