Great Leadership Create Their Own Sun

The Performing Leadership

A leadership which never performed the during normal times will wither away during the turbulent days. A performing leadership essence is felt during the ordinary days in all its actions & processes. To the lesser mortal it may seen normal times. But for visionary leaders it symbolizes that change is highly overdue. 

The Legacy of Successful Leadership
Deliberate, well planned & structured changes are the legacy of successful leaders to any organisation. Status Quoism, such leadership believes : 

  1. are the epitaphs of failure
  2. To not make anticipatory changes to organisation is a crime against leadership
  3. To not convert human resources into change agents is a monumental loss to organisation.

The Visble Trails 

Successful leadership leaves behind visible trails to their works. some of them can be enumerated like below : 

1. They change things when nobody wants to change
2. They think when everybody wants to relax
3. They experiment when all wants to copy paste
4. They argue when everyone wants consensus
5. They speak when all wants silence
6. They dream when others sleep

While The Sun Shines 

To make hay while the sun shines is probably an easy task. But to create your own sun and make your own hay is what phenomenal leadership do. 

Do you agree with my observations.