Great Leadership Do Not Romance The Problems

Romancing the Destitution  

The French called it the “La Sensibilita” which meant being very near to the emotions. Nowadays we may call it as Romanticism in intellectual thoughts. This trend started in the early 18th century among philosophers in France. It became famous after Rousseau, the philosopher, used it in his writings.

Too Much Romanticization is Diversion 

Some believe that Romanticization is akin to diversion of the problem. It is a euphemism for tokenism. The problems rather than being solved is actually loved and regarded as a virtue. This in turn becomes a vicious cycle and it circulates through ages. Poverty is an apt example. 

Leadership is Not Tokenism of Emotions
Showing too much of emotions to any problems such that solutions itself becomes elusive is what Romanticization process is all about. We as humans must find solutions to problems rather than fantasize, glorify and romanticize distress. To satiate the hunger of our emotional senses we indulge in Romanticism. This perpetuates a false consciousness of the amelioration of the problem.

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