Great Leadership Knows This Secret Of Win

The Surprise

In any conflict the one who fires the first shot has initial physical advantages. No one can wish away this fact.

It’s the reality in our life too.

Our problems, troubles & difficulties overwhelm us initially because it fires the first shot.

We are surprised & maybe unprepared also.

But it must be clear that the advantages are for the initial stages only.

It's  All About Utilising It Effectively 

If the initiator exploits the initial advantages well then it emerges the winner. If the respondent recovers from the initial shock & responds brilliantly then it may as well be the winner.

Our initial advantages & disadvantages are mere opening positions. It is not our whole story.

Most successful leadership has a simple strategy for problem solving.

They do not become the victim of the first shot.

They concentrate more on thwarting the troubles from attacking us first. They use their minds & skills to anticipate the moves of the problems & troubles.

Rather than vulnerabilities firing the first shot they fire the first fatal shot with their anticipatory planning.

The Leadeship 

The planning & strategy of good leadership skills follows the premise of not allowing our vulnerabilities to attack us first.

That is where the game is won or lost.

That is where #leadership matters the most.