Great Leadership Measure Footprints On The Sands Of Time

The Equation of Life 

Everything exists to self destruct itself one day into oblivion. Nothing is eternal. Everything is ephemeral. Certainty of Permanence is antithetical to the existence of creation. The sun which sustains life on Earth is also destined to extinguish itself one day just like the lamp in the highway winds. Sun is nothing but a fading lamp of time.

When our realities are not permanent our experiences also cannot be perpetual. High & Low are the processes of the ultimate equation of decay. When we understand the "Equation of Life" we acknowledge the solutions inherent in it.

Great Leadership Understand Life 

Great minds & exceptional leadership understand the Constants & Variables of the Equation of Life. They do not chase success nor do they understand failures. They only try & think about imprinting their ideas, thoughts, actions, behaviors etc on the impermanent canvas of their existence. They understand the limitations of the realities of this existence. 

The Lesser mortals measure actions in terms of Success & Failures. What is immeasurable is the footprints on the sands of time. That too is transient.

What is your own perception on this matter. Think over it.