Great Leadership Must Be Above Suspicion

Alexander's tutor must be above suspicion

We all know that Caesar's wife must be above suspicion. But we must also know that Alexander's teacher should be beyond suspicion too.  Aristotle, the great Greek philosopher, was the teacher of Alexander the Great. It was he who gave Alexander the formal education of those days. 

The mysterious death of Alexander
Alexander's death is mysterious and suspicious. He remained in complete ill health with high fever. He showed all signs of poisoning and died 12 days after falling ill.  The greatest suspicion fell on Aristotle for poisoning Alexander. People believed that Aristotle took revenge for his nephew who was executed by Alexander for opposing his adoption of Persian cultural practices. Aristotle was closest to him and had all the resources and opportunities to poison him. After Alexander's death Aristotle fled Athens. 

The First Multi-Culturist
Alexander was perhaps the first multi-culturist. He adopted culture of places he conquered and encouraged inter mingling of all traditions. It is said Aristotle and his nephew opposed his openness in cultural matters. 

Whether Aristotle is guilty or not will never be known just like Caesar's wife. But Alexander's teacher must be above suspicion. Great men & leadership must be above suspicion. 
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